Sunday, February 5, 2017

T Minus Two Days and Counting....

Well we’re two days out from Inauguration Day.  The world wonders what will happen?  I bet the sun rises same as always.  Some folks see it as D Day.  Hell maybe so.  Maybe were entering the Twilight Zone….. a dimension of sight and sound!  Who knows?  Did I vote for the man?  Damn straight!  I honestly haven’t run into anyone who voted otherwise, or anyone who would admit it anyway.  You see I have no idea what this cat is going to do once he’s actually in office, none what’s so ever!  I just know I was so exhausted with our current President disrespecting this country it was hard to even watch and listen to him speak anymore.  Really I couldn’t and didn’t.  To keep going down the same path and thinking things will get better is madness.  I actually think Einstein called that the definition of insanity.  Race relations are at an all time low, Muslim terrorists were radical terrorists in his Muslim eyes, and he was ready to welcome Syrian refugees with open arms.  No harm there right?  He never seemed to get pissed midst all the chaos.  I know a President has to keep his composure, however there comes a time when the vibe they emit has to say enough is enough.  Trump at least calls it like he sees it.  If your trouble he’ll tell you.  If he doesn’t like you he’ll tell you.  You see he’s a business man not a politician, and business man, a serious one, will not hold his tongue.  It’s business, suck it up buttercup.  As of late when attacked by a congressman, he responded by telling this 16 TIME elected congressman that his district is a poor crime ridden area and he needed to spend more time cleaning up his own act before challenging him.  You’d think a 16 time elected official would have better sense to think first.  By the way he’s not attending the inauguration.  Elected 16 times?!?  Wow!  Fear not doomsayers, the President does have a lot of power but it’s not a dictatorship and policies and procedures are in place in case a President starts to go bonkers.  The only thing that irks me about the Inauguration is, I’ll be working and won’t be able to see it live.  I will see the sun rise however.

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