Sunday, February 5, 2017

Holding Em Hostage....

We’re definitely in the age of political correctness, that tune could go on and on and I don’t know if this goes in that category, I think not, but then again it kind of does.  Or it goes in the category of silliness.  Here it is, you decide: people who smoke but won’t smoke in their car, even if there is no one with them.  They drive along then when they have to stop for lunch or gas or whatever they light one up and smoke away standing outside their car with the cigarette holding them hostage until it’s burned out.  They knowingly pull smoke into their lungs playing cat and mouse with about 87 different diseases but don’t want to get that smoke smell in their car.  Makes sense to me?!?  Unless their some 15 year old kid I’m pretty sure everyone who knows them knows they smoke, they’re not hiding it.  Maybe the concern is with passengers later on.  So considerate.  What a good parent watching out for the kiddies.  Well unless you’re blowing it directly in their faces I doubt the cigarette you puffed an hour ago is going to effect them much.  I smoke cigars.  I smoke inside my truck.  It’s my vehicle.  If you get in you’re going to smell smoke.  Deal with it.  I won’t smoke if a non-smoker is riding with me, but the aroma from cigars past you’ll probably need to get used to.  I love the used car ads that say it was driven by a non-smoker.  That’s nice, but my concern is the car may be more a smoker than the previous driver.  How about the driver who holds the cigarette up to the open window so the smoke goes out as they drive?  Some are damn near holding their head outside the window to puff it.  Man up people.  When I sell my truck and they ask if I smoked in it I’ll say, “yes, and outside it too”.

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