Friday, January 6, 2017

Tacky Situation....
I remember a few years back, oh probably 50 or so anyway, I was in grade school at the time.  Catholic School to boot.  A no-non sense Catholic School.  Anyway one day we came to class  and unbeknownst to anyone a school mate came a few minutes early and put tacks on everyone seats.  How he got in the class room is a matter of speculation because no one got in until everyone got in.  You lined up outside and marched in as a group.  Well after the prayer and pledge, did you hear what I said, the Prayer and Pledge we sat down.  It’s hard to believe I said the Prayer and Pledge for eight years and lived to tell about it.  Now a days it cannot even be discussed in school.  Anyway after sitting down and then shooting right back up rubbing our butts guess what the teacher said upon finding out the reason for our uprising?  Guess??  She said words to the effect “oh, brush them away and let’s get started”.  Do you have any idea what would happen in todays school world?  First everyone would be rushed to a first aid station to have their buttocks examined, ointments applied and bandaged.  But not before every parent and relative on their family tree was notified and the ok and three releases were received.  Secondly there would be a Warren Commission type inquiry and investigation as to who the culprit or culprits were.  Thirdly classes would be cancelled for the rest of the day due to the philological harm inflicted.  Fourthly the next day grievance counselors would be on site for those that needed to talk it out and get past the experience.  And there possibly could be some protesting.  Yes they would probably do all this in exchange for, brushing them away and getting started

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